A Little About Glenn Chaffee

Upon graduation with a degree in psychology from Point Loma Nazarene University, Glenn was faced with that age old question nearly all college graduates face. What do I do now? He tried a few things that didn't fit, spent a year in graduate school and that didn't fit. Then he sort of fell into some painting jobs. He had done some painting while in school in order to earn some money, but at the time didn't think of it as a profession. Now it was different. He found he liked it and he was good at it. The rest is history. GLENN CHAFFEE PAINTING came into existence and has been serving the greater San Diego area and beyond for 30 years. . Glenn has earned an outstanding reputation for excellent work, dependability, and customer satisfaction.

A few years ago he began to have more and more requests for cabinet finishing and refinishing. He and his crew found they enjoyed the work and the challenge of it, so CHAFFEE FINISHING was born. That this has been a successful venture is clear from the multitude of satisfied customers. Testimonials, of a few of them, are included in the contact us page.

His crew is well trained and exceptionally skillful. His two sons, Travis and Clay, have joined their father in the business adding remarkable quality, and a talent for designing cabinet finishes. This has become a hallmark of what the company does in providing unique cabinet finishes to the customer's order. On the basis of the 30 years of experience, the application of unique skills to the cabinet refinishing business, customers of CHAFFEE FINISHING are in good hands and can expect excellent outcomes for their projects.