The Process
  • When you contact us to consider your project, we will meet with you and go over in detail exactly what it is you want to accomplish.
  • We will offer our suggestions and show you samples of finishes that might fit the picture you have in mind. If none of the stock samples meet your need, we will create one that does.
  • When you have made a decision as to which finish you want, how you want the finished project to look, we will prepare a proposal that covers all aspects of the work to be done including the price to be paid. When the proposal is acceptable to you, and we receive a signed copy we will begin work at the earliest agreed upon time.
  • The Promise

    This is the way we consider all our work:

    "Beautiful cabinetry brightens a home like a masterful painting enriches the space that surrounds it. As the painter must be skillful in the use of brush and pallet, and have the eye and judgment of the artist; so must the craftsman who puts the finishing touches on the cabinetry be adept in the use of the tools of his trade and view his work with an artist's eye."
    • Only the finest materials are used in completing each project.
    • Every effort is made to limit the disruption that goes along with the work being done to the immediate area in which the craftsmen are working.
    • In order to minimize the effect on the household, some of the work may be done off-site.
    • No project is considered complete until the customer is satisfied.

    It will be our pleasure to work with you in making your home more beautiful.